Bombshell Rocks - Unstoppable Lyrics

Artist: Bombshell Rocks Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Cityrats & Alleycats
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Friday morning a day like any other
I'm heading down the same old roads
I've got Mommy's little monster in the headphones
It keeps me warm I stay out of the cold

I'm catching speed
I never gonna stop again

Have you ever had the feeling
No one can bring you down?
Well today I feel unstoppable
Accompanied by that explosive sound

Strike a chords it's like an arrow through my heart
Well I was caught as the first note got hit
Come down the air is electrified
See how we get our kicks

I've got the feeling
No one can bring me down
You see today I feel unstoppable
I'm heading down the same old roads of my hometown

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