Bonnie McKee - Green Grass Lyrics

Artist: Bonnie McKee Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Trouble
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Are you leaving,do i feel you disapper
am i crying
am i dreaming, will i wake up years ago
or am i dying

Well i rememeber,so long ago
and the sky was still blue,
i was walking and i'm not alone,not alone
i remember so long ago and i still felt so good
and you told me i could have my way with you
i remember way down inside

you're pretending, make believeing
that i'm in charge, i am a child

i am starving, i am eating from your hands
feed me fiction

Well i remember, so long ago
and the night i was new and you told the two
sets of three, yes you did
and i remember so long ago
and the green in your eyes that is something
inside me that burns,feel the burning,
way down inside

on that beautiful night, i watched you lay flat
through the one beautiful,near the green grass
where i heald you, in the green grass
where i was, way down inside

well i remember so long ago and
you said not a word but i know that
i heard your goodbye, yes i did
and i remember so long ago
and i knew you were gone but your love
and your heart through the years
i still love you, oo way down inside yea ooo

would the life forget the time
would the soul forget to die
would the wind forget to fall
would my eyes forget to cry

i'll remember like the moon
way down inside(repeat)

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