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Your one in a million, oh
Your one in a million, woa oh

Sometimes love can hit you everyday
Sometimes you can fall for everyone you see
But only one can really make me stay
The sign, the one in the sky, has said to me

You one in a million
You once in a lifetime
You made me discover one of the stars above us
You one in a million
You once in a lifetime
You made me discover one of stars above us

I've been looking for that special one
I've been searching for someone to give my love
When I thought that all the hope was gone
A smile,there you were and I was gone
I always will remember how I felt that day
A feeling indescribable to me, yeah
I always knew there was an answer for my prayer
And you, your the one, the one for me


In the beginning I was cool and everything was possible
They tried to catch me but it was impossible
No one could hurt me it was my game
Until I met you baby and it wasn't the same
When you didn't want me, I wanted you
Because the funny thing about it is I like the show
I like it when it's difficult I like it when it's hard
Then you know it's worth it that you find your heart


Your one in a million

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