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Album: Track 12 on Future's Gone Tomorrow / Life's Here Today
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In the morning
When you wake up to a brand new day
with a feeling
Everything is gonna go your day
And you open up the window
And the air is just seeting with life....
What a day, when the sun is shinning through
It's shinning for you
What a day, when the birds are singing too
They're singing for you
What a day, oh oh
What a day, oh oh
What a day, oh oh
What a day....
Having breakfast
In a garden full of blooming trees
It's so quiet
You can hear the sound of falling leaves
Though you close your eyes for a moment
Light is all that you see....
What a day....
You've been searching
You've been climbing never give up
Just to realise
You've been standing on the mountain top
Cause the future's gone tomorrow
But your life is right here today....
What a day...
The future's gone tomorrow
Life is here today
Things' gonna go your way
This is yor day
The future's gone tomorrow
Life is here today..

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