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You niggers going hard
Fed ex my dick, ‘cause my bitches live far
Young pimpin put its Mc down
Now bitch from the back but my wee give her sex down
Ribs on the pole, ss all white
So you better think twice if you catch me on the night club
Tripping on me ‘cause my wheeping got tag
No way, is a hundred bucks cash
What it is and what it does
Rimming that pussy like a nigga from low
No links, cash out, caught it up, show me how to mash up
Now I’m racked up like a nigga did it on me
Monday find me in game up in Canada
Ride it to the switcher right clip it don’t switch it
So many cars, you’ll think I was a dealer
And the club gonna run with me
Still got thirst and my homie got it burning
And I’m gonna to dissect, drive it so bad
Pull the corner so hard pop it till the next

Hey my nigger, don’t try to fuck me
I told you two times back, I’m looking thirsty
Bitch, slow down, hey bitch, slow down

I tell ‘em
Hey, I’m on the case getting sideways
Gallow for five on the highway
You know the nigger said to stay
On a dallow mission I got a date with decay
Wide awake 3am, I probably touch down when the sun come in
When I go to the gate I’m tired as fuck after the 8 hour race
I come from the land where we swing our cars
Caught in the dance, completely mars
Call it pain, super-charge, back to back laced against with the photo court
I’m ten in size in this luxuries, have a smoke in case you wanna fuck with me
Money on my mind, ain’t nothing for free, you try to keep up with me but it’s nothing to me

I tell them
Slow down, you know you can’t catch me,
I’m all too fast on gas don’t chase me
Slow down, slow down

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