Boyzone - Walk On (So They Told Me) Lyrics

Artist: Boyzone Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Where We Belong
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Walk on, she's gone,
Better leave the girl alone.
Walk on, she's gone,
Don't even call her on the telephone.
Walk on, move on now.
You've got to be strong, so they told me,
But when I see you, and my heart drops,
I still remember, and it won't stop.
The night I kissed you on the rooftop
We reached up and touched the sky,
But then you told me goodbye.
Don't try to tell me that a man don't cry.

My friends, they want me to forget you,
Pretend I never even met you.
I try to smile, but I bet you
Loneliness and tears still show.
One thing that nobody knows;
You hold my heart and you won't let it go.


And if I get you back you'll see
All the love in me.
So take my hand and
Your heart will grow stronger. (Heart will grow stronger.)
Never, never, never let it go


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