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The World keeps on spinning
The World keeps on spinning yeah
World keeps on spinning
The worlds keeps on spinning yeah

Hey, now I know you're gonna be okay
Time keeps on changing but I know we're gonna win anyway
Oh how I've done you wrong
There ain't a thing that I can say
to you to make it better
Sometimes we must be strong
You know that life goes on for us
If we cannot be together

Don't cheat yourself
Happiness is 'round the corner
It will come to you
So have faith in future love
'Coz there's heaven up above
When we think we've reached the end
The World keeps on spinning

Hey, you know that time can be a healer
So they say
We mustn't be afraid to let our lonely nights
become a brand new day
Oh how I've done you wrong
I couldn't offer you a hope or find a better way
This time we must be strong,
our friendship lasts beyond all else
don't let it fade away
Don't let it fade away

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