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Album: Track 11 on Your Favorite Weapon
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Laetitia, you destroy me, so I
Can see why I feel so lonely
When you and me could be forever
Perfectly perfect together.
I know.

Broken down in my dead bedroom,
Stuttering to pictures of you.
I'm sure that you can always
See me.

I saw you staring through the
TV last night.
So I'll leave my door open all
Night, in case you decide you

Want to stop on by.
Because you got to know who's
Been singing that song on
The radio.

The one that goes...
My friends all call me crazy
Cause I stay up late anticipating,
And planning for the day I sweep
You off your feet, I'd never leave
You alone.

Laetitia, you got my hand shaking,
I'm begging you oh baby please
Stop breaking my heart because I
Got the feeling that you and I
Will never really get it on.

So I'll leave my door open all
Night in case you decide you want
To stop on by.
Because you got to know who's been

Singing that song on the radio.
The one that goes...
Girl, come to me.
The only broken-hearted lose
You'll ever need, or I'll be left
Alone forever with my magazines.

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