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I know that it's late, and maybe I shouldn't be so into you
It's just that tonight, I am so taken I've fallen for you
When I look in your eyes I can see a million possibilities
And I know you'll be leavin me soon, but tonight.....

Come a little bit closer
let me hold you baby
I will be good to you
And we can try to forget tomorrow
And make it last forever tonight

So if you must go
Know that I'll be missin you, wishin you closer, oh oh oh oh oh
So let's make the most of these moments together we'll never forget
And it's breakin my heart cause I know (i know)
That tomorrow you'll be miles away
And I catch myself wanting so much more tonight


So if you're leavin me now
baby I don't know how I will ever get over you
Because you opened my eyes to this love that's inside
Oh baby, baby don't ever leave me yeah


I need you in my life

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