Brazilian Girls Corner Store Lyrics

Artist: Brazilian Girls
Publishers: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
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Length: 4:13

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Around the corner a different world
Conversation overheard oh
Between a man and a saxophone
Saxophone and mister drunk and stoned oh
He only knows one melody
You know which one I mean
I drop some change in his hat and leaveâ?¦.
Walk into the corner store
Through neon signs and revolving doors
As if just to add to the atmosphere
The man behind the counter has a snow white beard
That goes all the way down to the floor
I like the music on the radio
You know which one I mean
And this is how it goes

Da da, da da, da da da

Outside on the public phone
There's again mister drunk and stoned
He's got no money but a golden smile
Sidewalk torero wave me by ohhhh
I'm whistling his melody
You know which one I mean
Suddenly he stops playing
And looks at me
And the band goes

Da da, da da, da da da
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