Brazilian Girls - Jique Lyrics

Artist: Brazilian Girls Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Talk to La Bomb
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Tu sais pour toi j'ai une faiblesse Si si, pour toi un-e faiblesse… A chaque fois that we're together Penso: my heart goes purpur You know ‘You've got that feeling' – you've got that feeling Ce qu'on appelle That feeling –that feeling Goes well with my nature Mit meiner Natur Jique – Jique – Jique Jique çe soir Sundays ok son Sundays ok You know : I really really like you – really really like you I said : I really really like you - idem Çe n'est pas de la paresse Wenn ich mich ver-ges-se You've got a nose and that feeling Cio che si dice il: Feeling Ich sag: T'es comme un parasite Plus je gratte plus ça pique!

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