Brazilian Girls - Long Lyrics

Artist: Brazilian Girls Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Brazilian Girls
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How long can you be walking on eggshells
And breathe in thin air

Get yourself ready for departure when your already there
Longer than the wall of china
Longer than longing for love

Longer than your pantomime when the audience is bored
How can you tip toe to the exit with your tapping shoes on
Listen to yourself when your cell phone rings and the radio's on

Longer than your hair in the 80's
Longer than the long run
Longer than the longest winter
Longer than long

How can you dance on the battlefield with your Sunday clothes on
How long can you can you go along with this **** with a straight face on

Longer than these walls of China
Longer than you know what
Longer than the weakest picture
Longer than long

Come on

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