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Album: Track 2 on Anytime
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Verse 1

Lying alone in my room

Don't know what I'm gonna do

Trying to figure out

If this is it this time

Just can't stop thinking

About the way you make me feel inside

I just can't get you off my mind

No matter how hard I try


Could you be the one for me

Could we dance the night away

I want to give you everything

Though I don't have much

Could you fall in love with me

Could you love me the rest of my life

Could you forever be

The one for me, this time

Verse 2

I walk around in a daze

The ice is melting from my heart

Can I ever know if you feel the same

Are you the sunshine that's begging me

Come in from the rain

Or have you come into my life

To turn around and take your love away



When I look into your eyes


They tell me that you're mine

but I keep asking myself


Could you forever be

The one for me

This time

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