Brian Setzer - Maria Lyrics

Writer(s) : Setzer, Brian Robert / Vanzandt, Steven
Artist: Brian Setzer Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on The Knife Feels Like Justice
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The rains never came; I saw my land die.
Maria was sleeping when I kissed her goodbye.
I couldn't stand the sound of my children cryin' no more.
You get hungry; you get mad.
A man without hope is a man that turns bad.
I'll try my luck in Texas; adios Mexico.

Wipe away your tears, Maria;
There's a better life for us somewhere.
Let me see you smile, Maria;
Close your eyes; we're on our way there.

My country was a great one - once upon a time.
I wish I lived when you didn't need borderlines.
Somebody came and took the heart of my people away.
Now I ain't worried, baby, come hear what I say.
My people gonna rise again, fightin', someday.
I'll be there to see it; I'll be there to welcome them home.


I saw Texas; she looked so fine.
I met some other people - same story as mine.
Laughin' and drinkin', waitin' for the sun to go down.
We had life in our eyes as we crossed the border line.
Shot six good men without tellin' them why.
How could anybody steal the only thing a man has left?


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