Bride - Doubt Lyrics

Artist: Bride Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on Scarecrow Messiah
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I have broken many promises, thrown cautions to the wind
Rebelled in my youth but here you come again
You are the message in the bottle, a light that never dims
And though I let you down you'll always be my friend
Put my faith in fairy tales, believe what I was told
I've watched the holy eat their own, suck the meat lick the bone
There is only one voice my universal guide
You've always been beside me even when I wanted to die
I will never forget, I will have no regrets
I don't want to cheat anyone
Don't want to steal from anyone
Don't want to lie
Don't want to quit
Don't want to leave any doubt
Step on anyone, hurt anyone, curse anyone
Sometimes I itch and squirm to crawl out of my skin
You put your arm around me like the air that I take in
Won't push no needle in my arm or bathe in gasoline
Never swear in Jesus name or hide behind the pain

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