Bright Eyes - One Straw (Please) Lyrics

Artist: Bright Eyes Lyrics
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Album: Track 14 on A Collection of Songs Written and Recorded 1995-1997
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and I guess that I've been all my life
and I love, and I'll try,
and I love you more than those other guys
its cause you mean the world to me
you're exactly what I need
baby, I'm waiting for you to stop shaking
and come closer to me
my love and affection
my love and devotion
covered the spread, won the bets
and I'm now the one who won your heart
and I hope that you'll always be mine
cause our love is for all time,
trust is a virtue
I never desert you
or leave you behind
forever and ever
yeah, we'll be together
we'll be(x2)
and if its true, baby, I'm the one in love with you
and i swear that I've been all my life
covered the spread, won the bets
baby, I'm the one that won your heart
and I know
and if its true (repeated)

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