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Artist: Bronski Beat Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Truthdare Doubledare
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Truthdare doubledare
I’ve been working
On the line
To earn my pay
To get away
From all the pressure
In this town
When I walk around
It brings me down

I leave it up
Up to you
What you want
Want me to do
Keep hearing rumours
About our love
I can’t go on
I’ve had enough

This heart, heart of mine
It just keeps me rolling on
You small town boy, you’ve got everything to fight for
That old hard rain has fallen once before
This heart, heart of mine
It just keeps me from going under
You smalltime boys, you’ve got everything to fight for
Pick up that bag and walk right out that door

Is there relief
This pain inside
Can’t get it out
Out of my mind
What have I done?
Deserving this?
Where is the fun
When you love someone?

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