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Artist: Brooke Valentine Lyrics
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Album: Track 13 on Chain Letter
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[Verse 1]
Right from the start hell yeah, you were the one
Even without a kiss you were so much fun
Hurting me all the time but yet it felt so good
You knocked me down but my love still stood

You didn't wanna hurt me but you still did
Couldn't see behind my back you split
Wrapped up in love I couldn't control it
Guess now I see just what it meant
I didn't know what real love was
All the hits you gave should had been hugs

(Yes, I Laughed to keep from crying) I laughed till I cry
I seem so happy on the outside
(Yes I Laughed) How was I to know it at that time
I was so busy laughing now I'm crying

[Verse 2]
And I can't deny some times were good
I wouldn't save myself if I could
Blinded and naive I was a fool
And lucky me I ran into you

I ask you if you love me you say uh-uh
Wanna take me out you say uh-uh
Still had a way of getting to me
Hold me tight and I forget everything
Still to this day I think of you
You taught me to see through the lies and get to the truth

(Yes, I Laugh to keep from crying) I laugh till I cry
I seem so happy on the outside
(Yes I Laugh to keep from crying)
I was so busy laughing now I'm crying

[Bridge: 2x]
The laughter keeps going
And my hearts not showing
It's lies (Lies)
I wish I could show you how many times I cried (I cried)

(Yes, I laugh to keep from crying)
To keep from crying, yeah
Keep from crying, gotta keep from dying, baby

You held me
You lied to me
You hurt me bad
You made me sad

I wish you would
Not make me cry
It hurts so bad
It hurts so bad

Time: 4:55

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