Brotha Lynch Hung Dead Man Lyrics

Artist: Brotha Lynch Hung
Publishers: ©Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group, BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT US, LLC
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(Phone Rings)

Lynch: What up?

Other Man: hey *****
Hey ***** peep game *****
I got me this lil' old tricc from tha other side you know what I'm sayin'
The bitvh was runnin' her mouth *****, them fools is out to get your *** ***** that's real, its on the blocc *****, so what's up ***** what you wanna do *****, stomp on them fools *****, can we dump *****? what's up?

Lynch:listen ***** listen listen, we just gon' chill at the crib, we just gon' strap up and wait *****, don't even trip, I got me a 9mm, 44, AR15, 30ought six with a scope *****, a Ithica 37 12gauge shotgun with a 5lb. slide *****, we all the way nice *****, streetsweeper and ****, pistol grip you know. We finnuh handle these *****. Low-Kee gave me the whole hook-up *****. Lets do this.