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Artist: Buck 65 Lyrics
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Album: Track 15 on Synesthesia
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Oops, up on the wrong side of the bed
I’m in a bad mood, brooding like Achilles type attitude
Including a short fuse,
shitfaced, and pissy pants,
you better keep your distance
My panties are twisted,
Anti resistant,
red hot and bothered,
blistered and bloodshot,
rotten and dirty,
Disturbed is the word,
I’m down in the dumps,
perturbed if you prefer,
I’m grumpy as something,
I’m one grouchy grampa,
dusty and disgruntled and crusty,
You better not test me, trust me,
I’m a flustered old bastard,
my feathers are ruffled,
So back off buster, you best not stress me,
just don’t bug me,
I’m hungry and ugly,
so don’t try to hug me, please and thank you,
I’m cranky for some reason,
maybe I’m crazy.
A phase I suppose, it’s just one of those days,
it comes and it goes.
I probably just need a rest,
just a little PMS, I don’t mean to be a pest,
so leave me alone, I’m a little low on patience,
don’t ask questions, I’m not open to suggestions.
I’m hoping to cope with it
myself, and I’m sure
it’ll help if I practice and act immature.
I’m a prickly cactus, a barbed wire bulldog,
a bump on a log, guard ball, I’m god awful.

I don’t wanna take a pill
I don’t wanna take a walk
I don’t wanna go to sleep
I don’t wanna have a talk

This is my grumpy song,
For when there’s something wrong,
I don’t know what it is,
It shouldn’t be but it is (x3)

Don’t wanna take a pill
I don’t wanna take a walk
I don’t wanna go to sleep
I don’t wanna have a talk

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