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Artist: Buck 65 Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on I Dream of Love: Live and in Private
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I seen a man drown
Sleepy town underneath
Dog ran down
Hookin’ off school
There’s gold in them there hills
Bush-weed porn stash
Waist-high deep snow
Skull and crossbones
Railroad peepshow
Playing baseball all fucked up on pills
Sean Mussolino
Red fire fills the sky
Some say the next door neighbour once killed a guy
All kinds of music and nothing else to do
Bit by a snake and throwing rocks
Accidents happen and no one talks
And then there’s the girl I always wished I knew

Punk-rock country girl
(feather-like?) memory
Heart set aflame
Long lost Heather Nights, you put me to shame
Punk-rock country girl
(feather-like?) memory
We were the same
Long lost Heather Nights, hallowed be thy name

Too many funerals
Names on the guest-list
Home-made weaponry
The natives are restless
Pie-eating contest
Ya, those were the days
Junk-store crucifix
Parking lot, kiss of death
Smells like campfire
Gasoline, piss breath
Swimming naked, she burned me with her gaze

Hangman’s Lake: Hells Angels HQ
Roger Stevens, I still hate you
A far away coyote sings the blues
The longest train I ever saw
Abandoned building, rooster claw
Kids on bikes
And bad luck brings the news
I found religion in her bedroom
Parts of me that will be dead soon
The number 33, let her go
Chainsaw violence, pretty dresses
Secret wishes, shitty messes
And the girl that was impossible to know

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