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Artist: Buck Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Buck
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Well she looks like a witch but she tastes like chicken and when she comes around you know that all the boys get smitten
It’s the deadly combination of fear and fascination that drives them out of their minds

Hex me

She ain’t no kitten and she ain’t so young but if she’ll let me hang
Around I’ll be the last dog hung
And I’ll take sloppy seconds if
She’ll put ’em on a plate just don’t call me late for dinner ’cause I ain’t got time to waste

Hex me

If you’re gonna talk dirty to me, you better mean what you say
I’ll wash your mouth out with my desire before I let you get away

They come from miles around ’cause the word is spreading fast, yeah, the world loves a woman with blood on her hands
It’s the deadly combination of sex and syncopation that drives them out of their minds

Hex me

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