Buddahead - Take It All Away Lyrics

Artist: Buddahead Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Crossing the Invisible Line
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I throw myself into the city lights
Where the streets sound like a radio
There's zero space and just a little time
Too many faces for the show

I've just tried to bring you down
I've just tried

I throw it all to you
You give it all away
I throw it all to you
You take it all away

Other voices they just fill the mute
Is there somewhere I could be?
Random corners take me somewhere new
So what if I'm losing me

It brings me down to call you back
It brings me down

I throw it all to you, you give it all away
I throw it all to you, you take it all away

Say goodbye
Learn to walk away

I learned to say goodbye and I turned to walk away

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