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Album: Track 11 on There Is No Enemy
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For our answers
This cancer's
Common as sand

What happens
Here stays here
'Cause no one
Anywhere else gives a damn

All said and done
Who's gonna bother remembering
All dead and gone
Like anyone assuming
They know what makes us tick
I was just as wrong as I could be
Only knowing that
Explained a lot

The more you have to live for
The more you love your life
The harder it will be for you to die
And we all want
(Living and)
Dying easy

Seems like eternity
But it's just one lifetime
How can a love that
Unforbidden be so strong
There's something wrong with me
I try to forget

I try to forget
But my memory
Won't fail me now

It's wonderful and scary
Knowing what's alive
A tree, a rock, a turtle, or a thought
That's what makes me wanna
Never die

At least we have tomorrow
If we have tomorrow
Tomorrow's just a day beyond today
If tomorrow
Comes tomorrow

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