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Tell them tell them,
Tell them the reason why you crying children
Tell them, tell them tell them the
Reason why you shed those tears

If I never did right or if I
ever did wrong, wrong, wrong,
It's because situation arise
Where things don't seem to belong

Trial and crosses are always
Before me thorns and prickles
in-a my way, my way, my way,
With the task-master always
Behind me, waiting for a chance
To take my life away.

And my burdens, they're getting
Heavy and heavier every day
My burdens, I'm like one who
Labours without no pay
My burdens sweating like a slave to live another day
My burdens, if I didn't follow my
Mind I would be gone astray.

For silver and gold have I none have I none
Silver and Gold have I none have I none
Silver, silver, silver and Gold have I none, have I none
Silver and gold have I none have I none.

So wont you tell them tell them
Tell them the reason why you crying children.
Tell them, tell them, tell them the
Reason why you shed those tears

Working round the clock and obeying
The gong is like the weak who's
Got to feed the strong
I got to carry my load like a
Child of Israel battering and
Dragging along, along, along.
Blessed is the man who keepeth
his faith, and hope for the
day of his great Redemption
to get away from grief and hate
And into the joys of the sweet liberations.

Slave driver, dry bone crying in the wilderness
Slave driver, only muscle and blood can stand the test (rep.)

Moses Children I know was
In shadows of death the shadows a death
But Moses Children, they rose from strength to strength. (rep.)

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