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Backbones of their fathers
Wanted children, longing for the
Bossom of their mothers (rep.)

Now didn't JAH create the earth
And to the waters did he give birth
He divided the waters from the land
Rivers for land, and seas for sand
Then said he, let there be fight.
And he made the darkness bright
Greater lights to rule by day
Lesser tights to rule by night.

Nothing or no one can change them
Adjust or even rearrange them
These creations were here from the beginrung
So accept them for what they're worth
For all good thing in life are free
Like liberty for you and for me
As the freedom of a raging storm
Let the little children born

Wanted children, crying from the
Backbones of their fathers
Wanted children, longin for the
Bossom of their mothers (rep).

And so JAH created man
Male and female according to his plan
All creatures both great and small
And in pairs he create them all
To man and woman he gave all dominion
Over all creatures that live on creation
To multiply and replenish the earth
By coming together and so give birth
So who are you to try them, price them and sell them
Who are you to slave them and to
Kill them before them born
Who are you to hunt them down
Run them down and gun them down
Who are you to Judge them and to
Put thern to shame and scorn.

Wanted children, crying from the
Backbone of their fathers
Wanted children longin for the
Bossom of their mothers (rep.)

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