Bush - Bomb Lyrics

Artist: Bush Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Sixteen Stone
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wanted to buy you shiny red things
though i'd be with you untill the end

how did i know that i would be there
blow me away
see if i care
death of a future goodbye to my friends
wish i could see you all again
family hollow
family real
wish you were here to see haw i feel

kill a man
kill a girl
kill a man
kill a girl

jekyll in you
brings out the wired in me
i have no defence
i'm all that you see
the night is a bomb blast
the night is on fire
sing with me in the gasoline choir

and you say you want to cahnge our minds
i've paid for your belief with mine
of all the bravest stands in time

you stoop so low you'll never rise

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