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Artist: Bush Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Razorblade Suitcase
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Iron lung I know you well
Deal with you like a bad spell
See the trail moon burns
red stripe and the vicadin

You were the only one
I'm not defenseless
In the afternoon as the light dims
Build a life out of all this semtex
You're the brightest one
You were the center
The perfect opposite of what you asked for

It's just not one way A negative factor
With all these wasps out
I'd better take cover
Copper tongue
beam me up
Lonely without my impediments
Start to save what we used to steal
Walking on gelatine
I never noticed you you were the brightest one

You caught the light again
in a perfect way
The biggest threat of all
is in the alleyway

You're the demon seed you're the factor
Feel better with a little bit of plaster
It's not just one way A negative factor
With all these wasps out better take cover
There's all the pain
in the way she talks

All the pain in the way she walks
All the pain in her fatal charm
All the pain in her arms

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