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Artist: Bush Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Sixteen Stone
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the mind is all we kiss everything
we say we love it's the skin we're in

you're a retrograde a vacancy
you're the one i love
the hate in me
lasy day on a darker breed
to have is not what it is made to be
you come alone to mass attack
sucking your tantric suck
fooling your one-eyed cat

we don't mind

we deviate our gravy brains
set em on fire they're all the same
i am lionface
nosancho panza
i'm riddled by you
i could've been better

i'm a monkey on a drip
sucker monkey on a drip

you take such pretty photos
when will you be worthy of your good side
where will you be
when the clouds break
and it all takes
just a little more than you have
we don't mind

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