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Artist: Bush Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on Sixteen Stone
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i'm a man
i'm real proud of my manhood
i like to smoke
then thousand cigarillos
eight ball
i could climb any fountian
i never cry
i only bawl whan i'm losing
and i've never been wrong
never been wrong
i'm looking so good
looking so good

got a big gold gun
got a big gold bullet
and i guess you could say
i'm real full of it
i'm real full of it
i'm real straight
you wanna see my peccadillos
hot dog 7:30 every morning
and i'm big into war

i am a whore
i am a whore

got a big gold gun

i shave with gillette
shave with gillette
and i'm patting my back
patting my back
got a big gold bullet

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