Wha Cha Gonna Do? Lyrics

Bushwick Bill

publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
writers: Mike Dean, Bryan Ross, John Okuribido, Robin Trower
album: Track 2 in album Phantom of the Rapra
release date: 1995
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genres: Hip Hop
styles: Gangsta
length: 4:09

Cover Art

Bushwick Bill Phantom of the Rapra cover art
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And ahh... the secret of the hidden temple is that ahh
You gotta listen, as I run it down the business

The jungle creed, is that the strongest feeds, on any prey it can
And I was branded beast, at every feast, before I became a man

Hahaha! Full swing for the jungle.
John Bido in the house, it's a black man thing you wouldn't understand.


What cha gonna do when the world's on fire?
I'ma light a spliff, and keep gettin higher
The world's bout to end
I don't give a ****
I ain't scared to die, *****z put that on Chuck

Verse One:

Put me in a room with four gats and four clips
Aimed at my dome and I bet I won't flinch
At least I get to know I'm going out in a blast
So either pull the trigger or you tricks better mash
Cause I ain't afraid to kill neither
I snatch your soul like the **********in grim reaper
I be the, man that worries not about life
I'd rather piss in the wind than take a risk with eyes, yeah
A brave man dies once, but a coward dies a thousand deaths
**** a right, I make a thousand lefts
Cause I'm a **********in thrillseeker
You can't scare me with no bullshit threats, I ain't afraid to die

Chorus 2X

Verse Two:

The world is on some old new-improved ****
They building bombs everyday but screaming peace
A piece of ***** nowaday could cost a ***** life
The condom ain't ****, the rubber breaks and that's your life
Babies havin babies knowin not what to do
For some grown *** men, *****z old as me and you
Think a ***** **** a kid needs his **********in **** chopped off
Cause youse a child molester, that ain't cool ************
Mamas keeping sons from their daddies
What you sposed to teach him *****? You ain't no man, youse a hoe
Monkey see, monkey do
What you want my son to act like me or act like you, ****
I'm on the verge of suicide, so what's murder?
Another casuality, cause mentally I'm damaged G
So I ain't afraid, I ain't afraid to kill
And I ain't afraid to die, ************

Chorus 2X

Verse Three:

A punk can be controlled by death threats
A man's not a man if he can't take a stand and umm
Confront your foes ***** everybody bleeds
So **** bowing down to another *****'s needs
Curiousity, killed the cat
And anybody gettin curious with mines is gettin disciplined black
I lets the **********in fo'-fo' click
And that's the end of that big bad ***** **** [see-ya!]
How can you be afraid of what's bound to happen
You can't run and try to hide from death
Death is univited, it's also at a shitty time
Things can creep and snatch your *** up out your prime, I lives my life
aggressively, successfully, I press to be
Demanding with myself and not profess to be
You can't impress me with no bullshit threats
I squabble any ************ out your set, ************

Chorus 2X

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