Busta Rhymes - Bounce (Let Me See Ya Throw It) Lyrics

Artist: Busta Rhymes Lyrics
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[Busta Talking]
Bounce, Bounce, Bounce *****s
Come on bounce, come on bounce, bounce
Come on bounce *****es, come on bounce
Come on bounce, come on bounce
Everybody bounce *****s, come on bounce
What come on, come on
I'm saying bounce *****es, come on bounce now

Yes, yes y'all, you know we talking it all
See how we bringing the street corner to Cargenie Hall
It be so funny to see how badly they want it
The fall, ****ing up something me and my *****s is ready to brawl (ha!)
Now I'm ready to call my *****s get off of the wall
I run up in the club like how these *****es will run in the mall
While we popping the collar holla you need to folla the scholar (hey yo!)
Hustle for dollas and rock it until manana
My *****s, know how we do it
I do it for the love and the riches, my *****s hitting them switches
I got the rent from my *****es
(You **** around, youse a gonner!) Put this **** back in order
And keep in mind that I might be ****ing somebody's daughter
My *****s that be keeping it gully and hang on the corner
*****es get the stripping and shaking they **** how they want to
Let me see it mama, and start showing ya ****
I love the way you make it bounce and get the throw on ya ****

Bounce, represent where you from (Bounce)
Let me see ya throw it (bounce), Let me see ya throw it (bounce)
To all my ladies (bounce), I love the way you make it (bounce)
Let me see ya throw it (bounce), Let me see ya throw it (bounce)
East coast *****s! (bounce) Now let me see ya throw it (bounce)
West coast *****s! (bounce) Now let me see ya throw it (bounce)
My dirty south *****s! (bounce) Now let me see ya throw it (bounce)
My midwest *****s! (bounce) Now let me see ya throw it (bounce)

Now let me warn ya (bounce)
The way we coming you we bringing the storm y'all
Pack the garden up watching all of my *****s form y'all
The way we always do it, you saying we wrong y'all (ah-roo)
You still be loving the way we put it on y'all
Oh baby! I know you know I really mean well
Mizzy giving me head all up inside of my V-12
Female *****es throwing they ***** at retail
All up in ya face see every inch of it get detailed (ah-hah!)
Now we rolling wit bigger money we folding (ah-hah!)
Cracking ? in the safe in money we holding (ah-hah!)
Hold on, pause, these *****es be dropping they drawers
Laying flat on they stomache and popping it all on the floor
Coming to get us, we tossing ya *****s like lettuce (uh-auh)
Leaving you beat up we threaten the moment you met us
*****es open for bonin' and ****ing they starving the let us
Sweating and dripping on *****s and starting to wet us (so!)
Check out the way that we repping we coming to get it (ah-roo!)
Get the **** out the club if you ain't rollin wit it
I be giving you *****es some **** you be wontin to goggle
Hitting these *****es that focus on wantin' to model
Whether you whipping up in the truck or you revin' the trottle
Or you wlying up in the club or you throwing the bottle
Just let me see it mama! and start showin ya ****
I love the way you make it bounce and get the throw on ya ****



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