Busta Rhymes Get You Some Lyrics

Artist: Busta Rhymes
Publishers: ©Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group, DOWNTOWN MUSIC PUBLISHING LLC
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Length: 3:45

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[Chorus: Marsha (Q-Tip)]
Money, cars, clothes, sexy broads, plenty more, go, get you some
(Mansion, lots, planes, Phantoms, ***** you better)
Go, get you some
(Hustling, juggling, robbing, stealing ****, I gotta get this ****ing)
Money, cars, clothes, sexy broads, plenty more, go.. get you some
(Fortune, power, fame, passion for this **** you need to)
Go, get you some
(Don't stop, ***** we ain't done, gun it through your ****ing road block)

[Busta Rhymes]
I'm saying who told y'all to let a ************ back on the block
with the bullshit, see y'all done ****ed up now!
Turn the volume up and bang it out the trunk now!
You gotta problem son? Imagine how the club sound
Look and see I'm ready to spark it
Soon as I zoom on my target, ************ better roll out the carpet
See the way I coming through, and how I kick in the door
Watch how I coffee grind like never before, the way I wreck from the door
So I mack wit' em, passing em, when I'm speaking
I'm preaching, all my *****s out in every hood!
You trying to compete? You better be incredibly good!
*****s you want heat? I figured you would!
That's I waste no time to give it to you *****s (this time)
And give you all the jewels in (this rhyme), and then I put it down to you all!
I can't get enough of it *****s, I gotta explore (many)
All of my options, I gotta get me plenty more


[Busta Rhymes]
A lot of *****s **** sound dated
I'm like Shaq, franchise player just got traded
to the number one team in the league
See I ain't on J Records, I'm on DRE Records, Aftermath *****!
You need to learn 'cause you ain't knowing the half, *****!
And while I'm gone I'm putting dough in the stash, *****!
So new and fresh I say it again
So what it do, don't test see I'ma blaze to the end
I'm coming through, so confess you *****s know who the kid
I'm like a newborn *****, that's securing a win
(Hot!) So new and so current and they hate this
The streets'll classify in another level of greatness
I'm here to fix up the game, I'm giving it a face lift
New and improved, watch the way I make the game shift!
Now watch me swing it out the ballpark
I come to shut it down, don't let the war start while I come to get the

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