Busta Rhymes Riot Lyrics

Artist: Busta Rhymes
Publishers: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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Length: 3:11

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[Busta Rhymes]
Come on, yea, ha, ya, Busta Rhymes baby, yea, ha
It's Flipmode baby, yea, come on
We bout to cause a riot *****

[Busta Rhymes]
Got a lot of *****s rollin' with ya holla
Cause you know we ripped it hotter than them other *****z
Spot a ***** getting dollars not another *****
can do it the way that we cocked and shot another *****
Think he deserved the way he was boppin with a cherry copper
glitter blood fella send a cop to get 'em
It's funny the way the iron just to drop you quicker
Why I hit y'all with the fire, think I got a winner
Stacking a crib with a chick that make a proper dinner
Black in the range with tint, and chrome aqua spinnin'
Parked right next to the Benz with a soap opera and the TV
up in the dash co-starring a opera singer
That be the type of bullshit I be on and stay hot
I stop whippin' a Bentley to whip a Mercedes Maeboch
And keep runnin' around the street like my name was Mel Patch *****
Come through your hood and take your whole block, come on
And while we give it to ya

[Chorus: Busta Rhymes]
While with me (Come on)
My *****s stack money to the sky with me (Come on)
My *****s in the place need to riot with me (Come on)
And set the whole fire with me (Come on)
All of my ladies in the beauty salon look bomb put yo **** on
And wait up in the line for me (Come on)
You come all in the party lookin' fine for me (Come on)
Holdin 'Gnac spill a little red wine for me

[Bridge: x9]
Let's cause a riot
Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo (Come on)

[Busta Rhymes]
It's bout to get a little bit better, start to get a little cheddar
Pack a big Beretta
Check a ***** resume doin' a alphabet-ah
Go order and brandish the metal hid into ya leather
No matter or whether or not you wearin' a vest
So you got your hand on the cannon I got a bigger plan for ya
Call up my mans for ya, now watch you vanish
Makin' you family ask for ya
You think you family pay a couple of grand for ya?
Like you afraid to hold a mac, like you were made to hold a gat
We made a hole and quickly dug out all the sand for ya
The heat'll be makin' you put it on the glass shorty
Wiggle somethin' and get to showin' a little *** for me (Bling!)
Now lets get on and open smokin' and blast for thee
*****s will really want it and fill the capacity
You mutha****in' know it has to be
The way we touch it y'all *****s knowing exactly who the master be
And while we give it to ya


[Bridge: x9]
Let's cause a riot
Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo (Come on)
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