Busta Rhymes - Show Me What You Got Lyrics

Artist: Busta Rhymes Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Anarchy
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Yeah it's another one of them marvelous shits
Yeah, Flipmode, huh, Busta Rhymes ****, yeah
So remarkable, yeah
As I say it over and over again
From song to song, yeah, so remarkable
Hah, heh, yeah, so remarkable

Yo, yo, Busta Rhymes the immaculate raw
Hardcore, riggady raw, lay *****s flat on the floor
We climb into the back of the four
Nonchalant flavor fo' sure, Timbs wit a aqua valor
Flava like you never seen it before
Ha, holy, sacred, and pure
Flipmode, be on it fo' sure
Be incredible to settle the score
Like a ***** shot you in the face, through the peephole in the door
From New York, down to Singapore
Keep you *****s jumpin' around, had the *****es beggin fo' more
Street *****s, yeah we speak for the poor
Now we stack cheddar galore, when we shop and buy at the store
Metaphor like nuclear war
I warned *****s if you try to bite, **** I'll leave a crack in your jaw
Take the livest *****s out on a tour
Make a ***** black in the spot, make you want to take off a door

All my dogs who hustle everyday
All my dogs who hustle everyday now
Own a store laundrymat around the way
And own a store laundrymat around the way now
We got to get it, YEAH!
My *****s, all my *****s
Show Me What You Got for me, what you got for me
All my *****s what ya got for me
All my shorties who stay fresh everyday
All my shorties that stay fresh everyday
My get money *****es who still hang around the way
All my get money *****es that chill around the way now
We got to get it, YEAH! We gotta
My *****es, all my *****es, c'mon
Tell me what you got for me
What you got for me, all my *****es what you got for me

Now, yo, we stay packing the toast
Could give a ****, bust at a ghost
And end up on the front of the post
*****s know that I be rocking the most
****in Ethiopian *****es, living in the ivory coast
Let me drug y'all *****s up wit a dose
Make you act just like you suppose'
Watch a ***** playing me close
Nowadays type of dough that we gross
I celebrate and throw me a roast
And get an old face for a host
We get it hype even when we be calmg
*****s know my word is my bond
When we come you know we the bomb
Hypnotic ****, get you retarded
Should of known it was a bad move
****ing around and getting me started
Still whipping in the back of the truck
So what, not givin a ****
In the streets, living it up
So what happened to the last ***** bust
Could give a **** whoever he was
Throw them *****s outta the clubs
Them *****s all, **** turning me off
Tie 'em up, makin 'em cough
Gag 'em in the throat wit a cloff
After that we go and wild for the night
Make 'em know the style for the night
Car low, pile for the night
You know we always give y'all *****s a blaze
Black it out and party for days
Let y'all *****s **** with the strays
****ing dimes at the end of the days
Getting money but it's too late
Got a ***** stuck in his ways


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