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Spring break's come around,
And there's more heroes to be found.
There's something major going down
On Tracy island, (island).
Weapons underground,
Keeping the planet safe and sound.
If someone evil's coming round
They should be frightened, (frightened).

'Cause now the boys are back in town,
No strings to hold them down, (down).

Don't be mad, please, stop the hating,
Just be glad that they'll be waiting.
Friends we have are ever-changing.
No, now the lid's about to blow,
When the Thunderbirds are go!
Kids are learning fast,
They know the T-birds kick some ***,
Be sure that there's no coming last
If you're on their side, (their side).
It always looks so cool,
When space-ships come out of the pool.
You know that you'd just be a fool
To be a bad guy, (bad guy).

Thunderbirds are go!
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!
Thunderbirds are go!
Thunderbirds are go!
Thunderbirds are go!
Thunderbirds are go!
Thunderbirds are go!
Thunderbirds are,
Thunderbirds are,
Thunderbirds are go!

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