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Album: Track 6 on Invade My Soul
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I feel lonely these days, so blue
I want to fade away, want the world to fade away too
Is it always this lonely without You?
Why did my younger days have to end?
Is it gonna be wonderful again?

I feel like it's raining in my heart
Feel like I'm searchin' for something
But I don't know where to start
And the dark cloud is turning my blue skies gray
There's stones in my eyes that I need You to roll away

Always in the back of my mind
The things I already knew
The whole world is lookin' for a sign
There missin' the ones in plain view

Tried to be a sinner but time after time
I come running back to You
And in the end You make it wonderful again

I've been walkin' through the valley alone, fallin' like a rolling stone
That's when I look around and I finally found
I'm not the only one who's alone in this town
We're always in the valley
We're not alone, not alone, not alone

Always in the back of our minds
The things we already knew
The whole world is looking for a sign
We're missing the ones in plain view

We try to be sinners but time after time
We come running back to the taste of Your love
When we drink of Your wine
Touches of blue and changes everything

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