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Album: Track 3 on ...and They Shall Take Up Serpents
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I rise above the human follies in my life
You’ll see the shadow of the goat is my guide
Disguise the limit for my pain
I can’t let anyone inside you
Crawl inside limousine of twelve feet
It’s lamentation day for me

All access to my love denied
I am the king of sorrow
My darkened world has burned your eyes
You stared too long into my skies

[Solo: OJ]

Put these thoughts inside to rest
Decorate with Sunday’s best
Tears of pain they splash my hide
No resting place inside
Coronation of my soul
My friends I have so betrayed you
Now it is done final epicedium
It’s lamentation day for me

Your all invited to my wake
Hope you enjoy the sorrow
Just let the tears pool in your eyes
So you can stare into my sky
My hell is not my own

[Solo: Tony]

My flames burn higher and higher
In tune with the choir
Eulogy of fire
I am a pyre reborn

Thank you for coming to my show
Hope you enjoyed the sorrow
And if your world does not seem bright
Just stare into my darkened sky

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