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I´m so strung out and now I don´t know what to do
should I take my life away dear God or will you pull me through?
I´m so strung out some how my life has gone estray
so as I lay me down to sleep please Loard now take my soul away!

Rap 1 (Red Dogg)
Now I´m all alone sittin´ in my room in a corner
starrin at the wall and I wishin I was on amission but I´m fishion in an empty bowl
cocain got my brain and I´m sweatin´ cause I´m ice cold
hold on for a minute what´s that sound
raise up to my feet paranoid look´ in all around
up down on the ground is it reality
damn I allways fel like somebody´s watchin me
now let me find another plan lookin for a plot
lookin for the man with the sack to get got
shot lay him down cause it don´t be makin´ me none
cocain on my brain and I gotta´ get me some-!!

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Rap 2 (Pop)
Another mystery sittin in another room at twelve noon I hope something
happen soon I´m crawlin still burnin my knee´ at 45 degrees
I´m saying please let it be something in a form of a rock I can´t stop
because the spot getting hot tick tock I see the devil clearer in my past it can´t last
because I´m running out of cash a stash I remember from decembermy mind gone blank and it could have been november now as I feel my self blinkI look at the world one time and then I think

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I´m so strung out and now I don´t know what to do
should I take my life away dear Godor will you pull me through, will you pull me through?
I´m so strung out, I´m so strung out

I know that you know that you livin real trife
so lay down that pipe and pick back up your lifejust take it away, please God just take it awaywon´t you just give another day to me

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