C-Murder - Feel My Pain Lyrics

Artist: C-Murder Lyrics
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Album: Track 13 on Life or Death
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( Chorus )
Only thug *****s feel my pain I'ma ride for my homies
because I'm true to the game
Ain't no love cause my blood ain't the same as yours
it's got me knocking on heaven's door
Feel My Pain (x2)

I lost something in the past that was special to me
You can't feel what I feel cause this ****'s to deep
So give love to your **********ing thugs alive cause
ain't no seeing when your **********ing loved ones die
Don't point the finger and criticize what he did
Invest all your thoughts and all the times he hid
Will I ever see my brother again time will tell
I feel like I'm trapped between heaven and hell
I turned on the radio to forget the fun tears
coming out my eyes cause I hear I miss my homies
On top of that my court dates tomorrow
facing ten years added to my pain and sorrow
Baby momma don't want me to leave my kids
We can move to the country and forget what I did
But reality keep tellin me that ain't cool
I want to see my kids go to school
Feel My Pain

Chorus (x2)

Nobody knows when your time gone come
I live life to the fullest, True *****s don't run
Anticipating your death make you soft and sick
I leave my worries at home when I'm hanging with my clique
I remenise about all my *****s that's dead
A lesson was learned when they put you in the grave
It don't matter what you got when a ****** gone get cha
Cause when a ****** gone hit ya a ****** gone hit ya
Bulletproof with AK's with hundred round drums
can't stop one bullet penetrating your dome
That's why I value nothin but family and friends
you lose material **** you can get it again
But ain't no coming back when you meet the reaper
I done lost to many thugs to the permanant sleeper
Cause ahh everyday a ****** taking a chance
only thug *****s feel my pain ( feel my pain )

Chorus ( x4)

Well uhh my brother dead I can't believe this OHHHH MY GOD

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