C.C. Catch - Wild Fire Lyrics

Writer(s) : BOHLEN, DIETER
Artist: C.C. Catch Lyrics
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I'm a stranger here
You have no heart of stone
I'm feeling so alone
I know what hell is
Reach out, I'll be there

Long as the rose is red
Oh do not make me sad, in the mystic light
Don't lose my number, hey
I'll bet we hope again

Oh, baby we hold the key
Oh baby, come what may
I get no guaranties

Wild fire, is the name for love
Wild fire, how can I get enough ?
Do anything you want to do
Nights are forever without you
Wild fire, I'm been born again
Wild fire, come and be my friend

Do anything you want to do
Nothing can take the place of you
On the wings of love
Good love can never die

My hope is still alive
Oh, I hate this lies
Like a flame of love
I know, babe, what to do
'Cause I'm missing you, in the mystic light
Don't treat me like a child, I'm almost lost my mind
Time, babe, is on my side
It's a loving kind

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