Cab Calloway - Down-Hearted Blues Lyrics

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Gee, but it's hard to love someone
When that someone don't love you;
I'm so disgusted, heart-broken, too
I've got those down-hearted blues.

I was crazy 'bout a gal,
She mistreated me all the time,
Next gal I get, she's got to promise to
Be mine, all mine.

'Cause she mistreated me,
And she drove me from her door;
Yes, she mistreated me,
She drove me from her door,
But the Good Book says,
She'll reap just what she'll sow.

I ain't never loved but three women in all my life,
I never loved but three women in all my life,
That was my mother, my sister, and the gal that wrecked my life.

[Heavily scatted]
All the dirt you done to me
Is bound to come back to you.

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