Cadaverous Condition - The Nothing Out of Me Lyrics

Artist: Cadaverous Condition Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on The Lesser Travelled Seas
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ten years nothing changes
driven apart and blown away
ohne Dich wird es Nacht

nostalgia all in vain
in ancient places I dream future
for you for me
ohne Dich wird es Nacht

though a body found the mind stays alone
see myself lost in the City Of Never

waiting for someone to come out
what do you do so far away
you are there in another life

and your December dreams, your thoughts are mine
I´ll catch the sun and never give it back again

a part of this is a bit of you
and when you wake up in the morning
I´ll be the one who smiles for you

I fade for the Flower like an unfulfilled dream
may you always remain to shine like I have seen
I fade like a flower, like someone on a cross
lit up, brought down, but love does cost

are you asleep, sweet flower of my blood

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