Cadillac Blindside ...and Then We Dance Lyrics

Artist: Cadillac Blindside
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Album: Track 8 on Read the Book, Seen the Movie
Length: 2:42

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i've tried to figure this one out but only would draw a blank. i think i always have been like this, wish i had someone to thank. this makes no sense to me. so many times these things won't come out right. can't handle all the things i try to write. i have been pacing back and forth over and over again. i always start from the ending never will this be first this makes no sense to me. i could sing about good times or the things i feel inside, but to you it's probably all the same. yeah all the same. endless hours up last night still can't seem to say this right but to you it's probably all the same, yeah all the same to you.
Cadillac Blindside's ...and Then We Dance album cover
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