Caedmon's Call - All Across the Western World Lyrics

Artist: Caedmon's Call Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Overdressed
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Words by Sandra McCracken & Derek Webb, Music by Sandra McCracken. c2007 Same Old Dress Music, Derek Webb Music (admin. by music services) all rights reserved. ASCAP

all across the western world
second hand, second skin
the rain comes through where the roof is thin
all across the western world

all across the ocean wide
with brothers, neighbors at our door
our banks are full but our souls are poor
all across the western world

so melt your wings like wax to fire
let yourself fall out of time
from ashes we rise

the broken down are on the mend
blessed are those who have no voice
you’re only free when you have no choice
all across the western world


all across the open sky
in my career of broken wings
redemptive ends from tragic means
all across the western world


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