Not the Land Lyrics

Caedmon’s Call

album: Track 3 in album Caedmon's Call
release date: 1997-3-25
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length: 5:06
drums: Todd Bragg
vocal: Derek Webb, Cliff Young and Danielle Young
guitars: Derek Webb and Cliff Young
percussion: Garett Buell
bass guitar: Aric Nitzberg
composer: Derek Webb
lyricist: Derek Webb

Cover Art

Caedmon's Call Caedmon's Call cover art
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Still I drive with the pedal down
I was off the map hours back
It's beneath the seat. I think
It's with two pennies and a match
And something else. I can't remember
But in the time that it would take to fish it out
I'll be another mile gone

And I feel so wrong
Trying to feel right
In light of all the things I've passed
You'd think that I'd have learned

This is not the land was promised me
Even as far as my eyes can see
I'm so wound up, Lord. I can't even breathe
And I don't want words
I just want some peace
Some peace. Some peace

It seems I've misplaced my faith
'Cause it's 11:12, nothing's changed
Well, nothing except the channel I'm afraid
And the number there
No. It's the same
Oh, this must be the Saviour of the month
And what I must have
Where's the night gone?
'Cause I'm so tired and out of shape
You've gotta get me up
But I can't get up today

'Cause it's been so long
Since I've felt right
All the rote, rehearsal, proof
You'd think that I'd have learned

Repeat chorus

Break me, break me, break me

This is not the land was promised me
Gotta get out of bed, get something to read
And i gotta feed my brother, not my eyes
If not, then I'll be all I despise

Track Listing

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