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f/ Copywrite
"The most dominant" [Copywrite]
"78 degrees" [Copywrite]
"The most dominant"
"Alex with the fuckin loaded thirty-oh-two" [Cage]
Like your orratories a corporate gorey suffice
Caught by work release
Peeling metal fillings like a jux from God
And I climbed in your head, kicked a rhyme in your mind
Lazers who take them all for you
Book with the brown pages pickin em up

Yo, whether wearin raincoats or plain clothes
Dry, I'll quiz you to see where your mind's at
You're assumin I'm human, that's your first mistake
So just imagine if all seven bust
And that talk wasn't brought to start a trend
From now, to the here-after

"The most dominant"
"Alex with a fuckin loaded thirty-oh-two"
Your fam's attention's lost
There ain't a man on this fuckin planet Earth I fear
The best man, prove it in front of you
This is the fifth time we battle
It's confusing to those spittin bad quotes
Got speed in sesssion
I thought that was your Gilbert Godfried impression
To mush your face in a pile of horse shit
Bless the less fortunate
To pull a burner on us two is useless

You think shit's sweet?
Thrown in a jar or jelly (Yo Cage that's tripped out)
Till I file my fingertips down to red Sharpies
Play the three like Dan Majerle
When I return, put fire to frozen land
I put holes in my fans
Collect em in glass case like bugs with pins in em
I went platinum but they don't give out plaques for thugs
Relevant proof, you ain't kickin shit in elegant boots
Runnin through Central Park with a watergun
(Copywrite 78, Alex the Worm King, Eastern Conference)
Chorus 4x


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