Cales - The Last Winter Dance Lyrics

Artist: Cales Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on The Pass in Time
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... Winter came suddenly
Without mercy it set its icy hungry teeth
In our necks.
Heads of noble birds swimming on the water surface
Flew to thousands of parts just before it froze
As if struck by invisible hammers.
Little peevish parts of icy air consumed
Everything unprepared, wind aided in it and played
Melancholic symphony of extinction on its silver icicle violin.
Thousands of icy headsmen with pigs' wailing in the background
Executed without the only drop of blood.
... in several minutes only a family of rats remained on the little
that survived the last winter dance unknowingly ...
... until the morning the queen of frost
danced on her icy mirror
At eh snowy throat of winter

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