Calexico - Heavy With the Bass Lyrics

Artist: Calexico Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on The Book and the Canal
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Right outta port angeles like a bullet with no pain
Driving north on the harbor freeway
Up and over st thomas vincent bridge
Making stops as you go, everyone you used to know
Flashing your fury, gonna lay your enemies to waste

Never hear them when they come
Hear them when they come

Drop 'em to the floor, settle every score as you roll
Out of the southbay, into the san bernadinos
Down into the valley drivin' to meet your connection

Driving with the bass
Never heard you when you come
When you come
Heavy with the bass
Never heard you

Drop 'em to the floor blood pumping thru your vein
Riding off with the score

Driving 'neath the stars, you pull over to the side
A voice trickles from your heart
Now the bleeding won't stop
Now the bleeding won't stop
Drivin' you insane
Heavy with the bass
Only a bullet could stop your pain
Never heard you when you come

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