Caliban Destruction Lyrics

Artist: Caliban
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Length: 4:28

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*insane guitar intro + 2 growls*

mandkind's birth caused destruction
two feelings of love & hate


manipulation is the way to hide the truth
you control your feelings to reach your aims
you check up the thoughts
to press upon your decision
lies on the world
they are crossing the land
and until there is one world
with one lie

One world- One lie

lie(x7)(during a nice little guitar stairway)

You can tell the feelings
too change in the commensing
thoughts to play you as a pawn
in the same game, the sound of the
words until we breathe again,
until the lights revolve
until the lights revolve

*couple screams/growls*

One world-one lie(x2)

*growls during a sick guitar outro*


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